Just to keep this short and simple (more detailed blog is coming!), welcome to Wild Jelly Creates! My name is Bobbie Schultze and I am the owner of this small business! I am a one woman show here and do EVERYTHING by hand! For the first FEW blog post it will be images of fill items I use in my epoxy resin trinkets! I will ALSO post here when I launch NEW items to the shop or when items are being discontinued or retired. BOOOO! I know no one ever wants to hear that items are being discontinued or retired, but sadly resin mold don't last forever and many companies can and will stop producing certain items like glitters, alcohol inks, mica powders, etc. But have no fear if I need to discontinue or retire something rest assure that I will have something to take its place that might be better. Always keep an eye on the shop because you never know if and when something new might be listed!